The poster is for the Arena Seminar in Bournemouth March 2023. Vist the Arena website via the Links tab above for more details

I have been interested in photography for many years and having finally started serious black and white darkroom work in 1992, I switched to digital based work in 2007. My main interests lay in Monochrome Landscape and objects contained therein, but since 1997 I have concentrated on Conceptual Photo Projects such as An Italian Journey, Irish History, the Atlantic Slave Trade, Celtic Legends and the Greenwich Meridian. More recently I have completed work on Digital Alternative Printing and another Conceptual project namely the LEGACY of the Industrial and Agricultural Revolutions. My most recent Project features the Isle of Wight with its Peoples,Places and Literary Writings. This will be exhibited in October 2023 at Dimbola Lodge on the Isle of Wight, former home, museum and archive of the great Victorian Photographer Julia Margaret Cameron.

A selection of these images can be seen in the various Galleries on this web-site. I hope you enjoy these images and perhaps you might even be inspired to go out and find your own approach to making pictures!