ARENA SEMINAR BOURNEMOUTH 10th to 12th March 2023

Arena Photographers was founded in 1986 by well-known photojournalist Joan Wakelin. Its aims are to promote the highest standards of photography, to encourage printmaking, and to share and discuss new work. Within its current membership of 18 photographers can be found a broad spectrum of photographic styles and interests. It is a commitment and passion towards personal projects that unites this group of prominent photographers from all over the south of England.

In addition, the group organises perhaps the finest weekend seminar of photography in the country. Photographer’s travel from far afield to attend this event, held in March each year in Bournemouth, and the list of visiting speakers reads like a Who’s Who of British photography. For more information please visit our website:


Since 1997 my photographic work has mostly been concentrated on themed photographic projects. These have been the subject of solo exhibitions across the UK and Ireland. Some images from these exhibitions can be found in the section headed 'GALLERY'. The exhibitions are available for display, free of charge, and have the following titles:

AN ITALIAN JOURNEY 25 images tracing the Grand Tour across Italy and inspired by Goethe's written account of his Tour of 1786-8. Many of the images have been printed using historic or alternative printing techniques to provide a further historical feel to the images. Relevant quotations from Goethe's account of his experience are also included.

IMPRESSIONS OF IRISH HISTORY 64 images covering 10,000 years years of human history in Ireland from the Middle Stone Age to the present day. Subjects include Early Christian Ireland, The Famine, and Northern Ireland. Each image is accompanied by a relevant quotation from Irish Writing.

CELTIC LEGENDS A series of 11 images reflecting some of the Legends from the Celtic World including Arthurian Tales and those of Wales, Ireland and Scotland.

ENSLAVED 24 images exploring some Impressions of the Atlantic Slave Trade. Includes images from the UK, Caribbean and South Eastern USA.

MERIDIAN A series of more than 20 images following the route of the Greenwich Meridian as it traverses some 200 miles of South East England. The images provide a metaphor for life in modern Britain.

LEGACY A series of more than 50 images exploring many aspects of the Industrial and Agricultural Revolutions. Accompanied by relevant poetic quotations these were exhibited over two years In Chichester.

ISLE OF WIGHT (NEW) A varied series of images focussing on the Places, People and their Literary Connections on the island. This work will be exhibited at Dimbola Museum and Galleries on the island from 23rd September to the end of December 2023 please check their website for dates and timings

I also exhibit regularly with my colleagues in the Focus Group and with Chichester Camera Club.