Every photographer has their own approach to their image making. This will change over time as their experience grows and their interests change. For me the ability of Black and White to provide a greater range of creative possibilities was a dominant aspect of my work. But the power of digital manipulation has made it possible to be even more creative. Arguably Colour work has benefited even more.

Over the years I have explored many aspects of photography and my interests change regularly. Much of my work in recent years has concentrated on major photographic projects many of which are Conceptual, that is where an idea is being explored; examples of these can be seen in the section marked Galleries.

While entering competitions at Camera Club level and working for RPS and other distinctions is exciting and raises your game, I have arrived at a place where I make the images I want for myself and I am less concerned about the impact they have on others. Having said that however, I derive great pleasure when my image inspires others and prompts them to ask questions. This is a position that many experienced photographers reach at some stage.

Photography, like many other pursuits has its share of fashions. Indulging in these can be another way to find a new way forwards and indeed this may open up new ideas beyond your usual work. I feel however that it is important to eventually develop you own 'vision', or 'voice', as some experts call it. Like most things in life, if its your idea and you love doing it, you will invariably do it well!