Below is a list of some web site links which you may find useful:

A group of eight photographers from the South of England who get together to mount an exhibition of their work each year at the Assembly Rooms in Chichester. This years exhibition features a wide variety of work some of which can be viewed on their website.

A widely respected and prestigious group of photographers in the South of England with diverse talents. Their inspirational annual Seminar in March is invariably booked out well in advance.

One of the most successful clubs in the South of England. Our Advanced Workers Exhibition in January and our Annual Exhibition in August are well known and very popular with discriminating photographers.

The Royal Photographic Society. The oldest Photographic Society in the world (1851), it awards Distinctions for photographic achievements, runs exhibitions and extensive workshops on a wide variety of issues.

A distinguished and very experienced photographer of the Natural World, Nigel has won numerous awards for his work at the Royal Horticultural Society. His website contains many examples of his exquisite images.

Janey has developed a unique style of imagery and uses this to bring an exceptional vision to her recent work in the field of Documentary Photography.

Leigh is well known in the UK for his work in the post-Industrial Heartlands of the North of England. He is in much demand for his skills as a teacher and brings his exceptional understanding of the photographic world and his boundless enthusiasm to bear on all his activities. Leigh holds countless photographic distinctions.